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In the Name of God


Lesson Plan

Teacher’s Name: M. Gandji  

Estimated Time: 60 minutes

Teaching Point: Reading Comprehension of Lesson 8-Book 1

Needed Materials: Blackboard, chalk, computer, CD, flash-cards


  At the end of the lesson learners should be able to:

-         Read and understand the meaning of the passage.

-         Answer the comprehension questions based on the given passage.

-         Recall the main ideas of the passage and use it through their own words.


Preview   (15minutes)

I-Warm up

- Greeting

-Calling on the register

-Check the homework assignment and provide guidelines if the students         faced any difficulty.

-Ask some questions like:

           Zahra, where did you go last night?

           Mahsa, where did you go last Friday?

           Who was your host?

           Did you put on your fine clothes?


The students give some answers. According to their answers the teacher

recall  the words, taught last session such as host, guest and so on.

Also by using some pictures the teacher goes through the words of the lesson, taught last session and checks them to make sure that the pronunciation and meaning of them are acquired by the learners.

host - guest-party

View (30minutes)

Phase  I:

- Introduction                    

-         Ask the students to close their books and look at the pictures.

-         Ask some questions like "What do you see in the picture?" 'What are they doing?"

-         Connect the student’s background knowledge to their new knowledge

Phase II:

-         The teacher presents new words by showing some pictures and asking some questions

                           pass - kindly                             surprised

-         Ask them to repeat new words.

-         CD can be shown in this part. (with closed books)

-         Listen to the CD again and after each paragraph ask some questions.(T/F-Yes/No-Wh Q:):

  The guest spends the day working in his garden.     T or     F

  At sun set he has time to dress for the dinner.         T or     F

  Did anybody spoke to him?

  Were all the other guests there when he arrived?

  Where did the guest sit?

Phase III:

-         After finishing the whole passage the teacher asks some more questions on the passage, and then she reads the passage in a normal rate.

Review (15 minutes)

Phase I: Silent reading

-         The teacher wants the students to read the passage silently and then answer to the questions.

Phase II: Post reading activities

-         The teacher wants them to read some parts aloud to check their pronunciation.

-         She gives them some group working to do.

A) Make meaningful sentences using column A and B.(There is one extra item in column B)

  A                                                                  B

1. I went                                             a) on my little daughter.

2. Give them                                       b) their share of the food.

3. You should treat                            c) you must change it.

4. I put clothes                                   d) in my work clothes.

                                                               e) your parents kindly.

   B) Use your own words.

     5. The time when the sun sets is called………

     6. The cat is hungry, go and ……..him.

     7. The restaurant is not ….. here.  It is near.

- The teacher shows them some flashcards and wants them to present new words.


surprised -host- guest- seat- pass-food


Phase III :Assignment

         -Workbook exercises

        -Extensive reading activities

      -At last the teacher introduces a new dictionary to them.(Photo                     Dictionary)

نام نام خانوادگی: م. گنجی

منطقه :میمه

مدرک و رشته تحصیلی:لیسانس زبان انگلیسی

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